Shooting Illustrated‘s First Look at the New IWI Tavor X95

August 2016 Issue of Shooting Illustrated
August 2016 Issue of Shooting Illustrated
Shooting Illustrated
Shooting Illustrated

Fairfax, VA -( NRA members who receive Shooting Illustrated as their magazine will get an exclusive look at the recent IWI-US Tavor X95.

The original SAR-21 took the shooting world by storm, bringing the bullpup into the 21st century, and the X95 improves upon that excellent design. Check out how our Editor-in-Chief found the X95’s upgrades and enhancements.

With this updated bullpup you’re going to want the latest and greatest in optics, right? Fortunately, this issue also contains a “buyer’s guide” of new-for-2016 red-dot sights, magnified riflescopes, thermal imagers and spotting scopes. See what’s new for 2016 from Aimpoint through Trijicon and manufacturers in-between.

You know what else can have an optic mounted? The new MOS series from Glock. With the introduction of the G17 and G19 MOS models, even the company’s popular duty- and carry-pistols can have a micro-red-dot sight added. Milled cut-outs and standard mounting plates make adding a small red-dot sight to your everyday pistol an easy task.

Of course, with that shiny red-dot sight on your new Glock, you’re going to want to hit the range and practice. What better way to see improvement in your shooting than to measure how much faster you can get on target? Richard Mann takes a look at some popular shot timers and explains why using one in your training and practice scenarios is a good idea.

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