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Billionaire and former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg has his sights set on Maine and he has brought his money, politics and attitude to Maine with the goal of restricting your Second Amendment rights.  Bloomberg and the gun control groups he funds have qualified a ballot initiative, which will appear as Question 3 on the November ballot that would make common firearm transfers illegal unless conducted through a federally licensed firearms dealer, absent limited and narrow exceptions (so-called “universal” background checks). Bloomberg’s NYC-style propaganda may say this is a “gun safety” measure, but we all know that this measure has nothing to do with safety or addressing crime but is all about controlling law-abiding Mainers.

Mainers have the opportunity to vote down Question 3 in November.  Let’s send a clear message to Bloomberg that his attempts to restrict our Second Amendment rights are not welcome in Maine!

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Help us Get the Word Out!

It is important that you tell your family, friends, fellow gun owners and sportsmen to voice their strong opposition to the Bloomberg gun control initiative and vote “NO” on Question 3 in November.  Don’t let Bloomberg and his out of state money dictate your rights!  If you would like more information or to volunteer please visit or contact your Maine Grassroots Field Coordinator, Rocco Praglowski, at or (703) 267-1179.

It’s important that Mainers stand up for their rights and not let New York City money influence the future of Maine!