Locked On Target: The Crimson Trace LG-479

The problem with extremely small pocket pistols has typically been small sights, or even the absence of them completely. The new Remington RM380 does have sights, and on a clear day with blue skies they work great. Sadly, bad things have a tendency to happen in the gloom of night and often by surprise. This is where lasers really shine.

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Remington worked closely with manufacturers like Crimson Trace and holster makers like Recluse to ensure that valuable accessories would be available when the RM380 began shipping to stores and consumers. The Crimson Trace LG-479 Laserguard is a red laser designed to fit underneath the dust cover of the Remington RM380. The Instinctive Activation switch is located right at the front of the grip, so when the pistol is grasped to draw it the laser comes on.

The laser is fully adjustable for windage and elevation but comes factory set for point of aim. The one on my test pistol needed no adjustment. The laser is extremely small and adds virtually no bulk to the pistol at all. You will need a holster designed to accommodate the pistol with the laser however.

In my experience, shooting with red lasers in daylight conditions, they are most effective within 20 feet. In low-light conditions, the red laser shines like a beacon on your target at much further distances. In fact, at 50 feet, the laser produces a half-inch-wide dot. This helps immensely in low-light conditions, especially under stress. The fact that the activation is instinctive also helps in high-anxiety situations, when you might forget to engage a manually activated unit.

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The unit’s battery life is four hours of constant use, so unless you live in a very sketchy neighborhood, this should last for a long time. Crimson Trace also provides a full three-year warranty for the LG-479.

For more information, visit http://www.crimsontrace.com.

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