Basic Handgun Skill Builder Class

BLACK OP ARMS will be providing a Basic Pistol Skill Builder Seminars.  These are basic skill builder courses and will focus on the following:

  1. Basic Range Safety and Safe Firearms Handling
  2. Stance
  3. Weapon Presentation- Low Ready & Holstered
  4. Sight Alignment
  5. Sight Picture
  6. Breathing
  7. Trigger Control
  8. Target Selection
  9. Practical Shooting Drills
  10. Evaluation of Shooting Drills

Required Equipment-

  1. One Handgun (Pistol/Revolver)
  2. 250 rounds of ammunition
  3. Holster
  4. Baseball type hat
  5. At least 1 spare magazine or speedloaders, with belt carrier.
  6. Ear and Eye protection are MANDATORY.

Handgun Rentals are available, Targets will be provided, each participant will receive a certificate of attendance and a T-Shirt.

The cost of the course will be 95.00 a person and class size is limited, please contact us at 603 504 6678 to reserve a spot.

All registered participants will receive 10% off all ammunition and accessories in connection with this course.